A large number of opportunities open up for students who opt for B.Sc. or Bachelors in Science. Some of the most common professional fields include technical education, management studies, research & development, as well as teaching.

A student who is interested in pursuing B.Sc. can choose between a large number of streams like mathematics, biology, chemistry or physics. Since there are so many options available, there are a large number of career options available as well.

Which is the best B.Sc college in Jharkhand?

If you are looking for a B.Sc college in Jharkhand, it is suggested that you go…

The remote patient monitoring system is a type of telehealth service that is delivered remotely. In remote patient monitoring, digital technologies are used to collect the health data of a patient from one location and transferred it to healthcare providers at their locations. This helps healthcare providers to give the right assessments and recommendations. In this, the patient’s health data is collected remotely through wearable devices or through online portals. This data is then analyzed by healthcare providers to give consultation to their patients.

At times doing a physical examination of every patient becomes very difficult for healthcare workers who…

Organizations are becoming more aware of machine learning solutions and artificial intelligence due to all the buzz around these terms. A lot of people have heard of machine learning but don’t really know what it does and how it can help a business. Machine learning is the study of computer algorithms that automatically improve through experience and existing data. With machine learning, computers can learn hidden insights without being programmed for it. It is a subset of artificial intelligence, which is why artificial intelligence consulting companies usually deal with machine learning as well.

Artificial intelligence has been gaining popularity and…

Cloud computing security, or more commonly known as cloud security refers to the broad set of technologies, policies, and applications that are used to protect company data, applications services and infrastructure associated with cloud computing.

It is a subdomain of computer security, network security, and more importantly, information security. Cloud security helps protect any data stored online via cloud computing platforms from data breaches like theft, leakage, and deletion.

Some of the methods of providing cloud security include firewalls, vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, tokenization, virtual private networks (VPN), and avoiding public network connections.

As more and more companies move their…

Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY) is a unique skill development initiative that was launched by the Government of India under the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE) and is being implemented by the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC).

The basic objective of the scheme is to mobilize and enable a large number of Indian youth, especially those people who have dropped out of educational institutions and are currently unemployed.


The aim is to provide them with skill training so that they can be employed to be able to earn a livelihood. …

BCA or Bachelors in Computer Applications is a three-year professional undergraduate degree that mainly focuses on computer applications. In the age of digital transformation, having a degree related to computer science is very beneficial for a student as it opens up a large number of opportunities for them.

BCA or Bachelors in Computer Applications

Getting admissions in BCA colleges are a good option for students interested in computer science. Students learn the subjects that would later help them build and develop computer applications.

In terms of course structure, BCA and B.Tech are more or less similar, although the admission process for BCA is relatively easier. Students…

AISECT University is a private university in Jharkhand. The university was established by the AISECT Foundation through the AISECT University Act in 2016. It is one of India’s skill-based universities that offer vocational training. The university offers several undergraduate, postgraduate, and diploma programs. It has a sister university called Rabindranath Tagore University, in Madhya Pradesh.

The university offers courses in these five faculties:

  • Faculty of commerce and management
  • Faculty of arts and humanities
  • Faculty of science
  • Faculty of computer science and IT
  • Faculty of agriculture

The students have the option to choose between regular and distance mode of education as…

Physical activity in any form is very important for both physical and mental health. Yoga is one such activity. In yoga, there is a lot of focus on regulating one’s breathing, which is a key factor for many mental illnesses like anxiety.

And now, with the heavy workload that people are having to handle, it becomes even more important to take out some time to do yoga.

Career In Yoga

Yoga builds strength, harmony, and awareness in the mind. There are various different schools of yoga, although most of them follow the basic principles of meditation and stretching the different muscle groups.


Rabindranath Tagore University established the Department of Management to give students the option to pursue management courses full time, or even part-time.

BBA or Bachelors in Business Administration is a professional undergraduate or bachelor’s degree course with a duration of three years.

Management Carrer

This course opens up career opportunities in fields such as human resources, finance, and marketing.

In order to apply for this course, a student must be from a science or commerce background. Being ranked alongside some of the best BBA colleges in Bhopal.

RNTU offers specialization courses that inculcate an in-depth knowledge of management practices that are used…

Logo design is one of the most important design aspects of a brand. A logo helps in creating a certain image of a brand and makes it more perceptive to its customers.

Great logos make for better brand recall and establish consumer trust. Well, getting an awesome yet affordable custom logo design for your brand is not as hard as it was before.

Now, you can simply find the best logo designers online or start an online design contest on a logo contest website.

Logo Design Contests are online contests, majorly hosted on crowdsourcing design websites where designers from all…

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