Can You Make A Career In Yoga?

Physical activity in any form is very important for both physical and mental health. Yoga is one such activity. In yoga, there is a lot of focus on regulating one’s breathing, which is a key factor for many mental illnesses like anxiety.

And now, with the heavy workload that people are having to handle, it becomes even more important to take out some time to do yoga.

Career In Yoga

Yoga builds strength, harmony, and awareness in the mind. There are various different schools of yoga, although most of them follow the basic principles of meditation and stretching the different muscle groups.

Yoga is for everyone as there are so many different types of yoga and different levels as well. Yoga does not require one to have a lot of experience. Let us look into some of the benefits that yoga can add to life.

Physical Benefits:

The relaxation techniques used in yoga can have multiple physical benefits like reducing chronic pain, arthritis, and headaches.

Physical Benefits
Physical Benefits

Yoga also helps in keeping the blood pressure normal and cures insomnia. Other benefits include:

Mental Benefits:

Yoga helps to nourish the mind through practiced breathing techniques. Improved breathing helps manage stress, which in itself is a huge factor in major physical illnesses today, like headaches and fatigue. Yoga also helps increase concentration levels.

Rabindranath Tagore University gives an individual the opportunity to study yoga and take up a career in yoga. Here is some information on the courses offered.

Yoga Instructor Course

This is a yoga and naturopathy course with a duration of six months. A student opting for this course can take admission into the course immediately after completing their higher secondary education.

yoga instructor
yoga instructor
Yoga instructor course

AISECT university offers a Yoga Instructor Course where students practice yoga to increase their own muscle strength, flexibility, and study the principles of yoga.

This course is designed to make students academically and technically proficient to help people in fighting with stress and lifestyle-induced diseases without any medication.

Post Graduate in Yoga and Naturopathy

This is a one-year diploma course that one can take up after graduation in any science-related course.

Naturopathy focuses on the natural healing ability of the body and discourages the use of medications.

It aims to naturally increase the body’s immune system and protect the body against all kinds of illnesses.

Some of the main subjects taught in the course include acupuncture, homeopathy, nutrition therapy, and herbal medicines.

Career Prospects:

Students have the option to start their own private practice after completing their yoga courses. Alternatively, students can also choose to take up work in government or private hospitals to help patients heal after procedures they may have had done.

Places like gyms, spas, and salons are always looking to hire yoga instructors as well. One can also become a yoga studio manager, a yoga therapist, or yoga researcher.

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